Siegel Family Adventures


Busier than ever, Anneka and Dorian keep us entertained everyday!  As they turn 2 and 4 this summer, family life is really getting fun.  The kids are able to join us on almost any adventure.  They love swimming and sailing.  Ani has been kayaking with us.  She fits right into the small storage compartment at the back of our touring sea kayak.  She loves it.

Both kids love the water and we can’t wait to get them into even more water sports!  Ani always asks us what age kids are allowed to race Opti’s!  As for Dorian, he’s not quite ready for a Laser, but he certainly has no fear of the water.  When he’s in the pool with some flotation, he can’t seem to get enough.  He will swim around on his own and blow bubbles, fully putting his little head into the water.  Very cute!

As the kids are getting older, we have more time for ourselves and are enjoying some of our previous pastimes.  More often, we are enjoying new ones that we had never tried before!  Ani and Dorian always create fun new ones!  We have a backyard swing that I didn’t realize could be so relaxing and fun!


Welcome to our life!


Our family has grown over the past few years.  Now a foursome, we are on to many crazy new adventures.  We are enjoying seeing the world through the eyes of our little ones.  Everyday is a new surprise!